Living Room

Blue Skies Manor is a cozy home located in Lake Williams – in the east valley of Big Bear, in Big Bear City, California.  We thoughtfully added a number of “senior-minded” features and amenities to enhance your living experience here at this 6 bedroom/4 bath houseLearn more about our facility:

Community Amenities:
Main Bathroom

Luxury bathroom

  • Master Bathroom/Shower Room. Many visitors say this all tile bathroom is the finest part of the house! Features include a bidet, a high shower head for tall residents, a roll-in lipless shower, wheelchair friendly faucets and spacious room for wheelchair navigation. See our photo gallery pictures.
  • Living Room. Our living room features plush Alliston DuraBlend® couches and power recliner – with an easy-viewing largescreen TV to enjoy with the community.
  • Bright and Cheery.  With 8 skylights, large windows and sliding glass doors everywhere letting-in the sunlight… the home is kept bright and cheery all day long.  (And our caregivers match that cheeriness!)
  • Garden. Spring and summer flowery displays delight us all through the spacious garden areas.
  • Decks & Patios. All rooms have direct access to outdoor space. In the summer, these areas are very popular among residents appreciating the surrounding nature.
  • Outdoor Walks. Feel safe walking, or meandering by wheelchair all around our property – because it is entirely fenced and secure.
  • Rural Living near Big Bear Lake!  Within sight of the Manor are… four llamas and a horse (at the ranch next door!) coyotes at night (outside the fence!), hawks (landing right on our fence!), rabbits, and all kinds of birds (they love the trees and bushes in our yards!).  Everywhere you look there are meadows, trees (forests actually!), mountain tops and wide open vistas.
  • Blues Skies.  Our location is known to have some 360 days a year of blue skies.  This home, made especially for you… is truly a Blue Skies Manor!
Room Amenities:
  • Dual entry. Each bedroom has two entry-exit points: a 36″ door to the hallway and a glass sliding door to the outside. Both doorways are wheelchair accessible.
  • Special Fire Doors. Residents can sleep peacefully at night knowing that each room has a specially installed 36″ wide fire entry door, with fire jambs, and smoke seal.  Small details… large peacefulness!

This specially planned home environment is typically a less expensive option for you, providing you with many of the same services that are typically provided at a more expensive skilled nursing complex.

There is no need to go off the mountain… because we are right here in Big Bear City!