About this senior home

Owners Keith and Denise

Owners Keith and Denise

Blue Skies Manor is a family-owned organization focused on providing excellent and respectful service for you.  Our focus is our residents and residents’ families.

With many years of serving others, we are grateful to extend our own family hospitality to you.

Our Culture

I hope you will sense right away that Blue Skies Manor is right for you.

YOU are our focus – all day, every day, every night. We are committed to fostering an environment of love and respect – for YOU.

We constantly strive to provide what you want:

  • Respectful service
  • Comfort and safety
  • Quality services and value
  • Peace of mind – mental, psychological and spiritual
  • Personal care with professional standards
  • Compassionate and professional staff to care for you
  • Optimized independence
  • Optimized social interaction
  • Optimized experience/adventures/nostalgia
  • Respect and recognition as an individual
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Personal self-expression and inner fulfillment
  • Affordability and financial security